Exercises To Do While Pregnant To Stay In Shape

Coach Ditka pointed out that millions of dollars’ worth of blogs on motivation have been sold but have made little difference.

“Motivation is a personal thing,” he told ESPN. “It’s what a person has within himself. That’s why they’re superstars. They don’t need Mike Ditka to motivate them”

Superstars are natural alpha thinkers. As you practice your daily countdown exercises, you are learning how to go within yourself.

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You are learning to do your thinking at alpha – at the inner dimension – so you can reach the same inner depths that the superstars can.

In this Exercise you will learn how to fan the flames of your desire while at these deep inner levels, which will give you the extra energy you need to achieve greatness.

You will also learn how to motivate yourself, build confidence, avoid burnout, listen to your body and make correct training decisions.


Workout and Fitness teaches that faith is essential to any success. “Everybody talks about faith,” Jose says, “but they don’t tell you what it is, or how to get it.”

Motivation without agitation

Whether you are simply doing calisthenics to get into shape or competing for a world title, motivation is extremely important to you. A lot of self-styled experts seem to be pretty confused about the whole issue of motivation as part of the mental game.

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