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Exercise scientists understandably got pretty excited about the relationship between oxygen consumption and exercise performance when they discovered it a century ago. But what happens so often in science is that scientists overestimate the importance of what they can measure and underestimate the importance of what they cannot measure. When exercise scientists developed the ability to measure oxygen consumption, they soon came to believe that oxygen consumption was everything to exercise performance. Even though it may be obvious that the stride action itself is no small piece of the running performance puzzle, scientists have had difficulty quantifying its characteristics, and so the stride has been marginalized as an object of study and wrongly considered a peripheral factor in running performance.

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QUANTIFYING GOOD FORM This situation has begun to change. Some clever scientists have lately developed new ways of distinguishing better strides from worse strides, and such lines of research may help create a new paradigm of running performance that correctly identifies the stride itself as the thing that really matters. One of these researchers is Stephen McGregor, an exercise physiologist at Eastern Michigan University with whom I had the good fortune to coauthor a book entitled The Runner’s Edge, which is largely based on his work (and which might at first reading seem a total refutation of the thesis of this book).

McGregor comes from a cycling background, and in the early 2000s he became interested in developing new tools to quantify training loads in cyclists. These tools relied on data from power meters, which are a cycling-specific instrument. Thus, when McGregor set his mind to transferring these new conceptual tools to running, he needed new sources of data and hence new instruments.

There are two types of devices able to capture distance, pace, and other such data in runners: GPS (global positioning system) devices and accelerometers.reactive-arthritis-headache-38-osteo-age-il-springfield-28034. jpg Allnewhairstyles


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