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How mental pictures affect you

Workout and Fitness research has revealed some basic truths:

• Your mind guides your brain, and your brain guides your body.

• You tend to move in the direction of your dominant thoughts.

• The most effective way to program your brain is with mental pictures. When you picture something in your mind, your brain will instruct your body to act out what you have pictured. That’s one of the reasons athletes find watching films of their past performances so valuable. It is helpful to watch game films to analyze the mistakes you’ve made, but before you go out and perform once more, make sure the last film you watch is of successes. You want your mental images to be positive – to show you performing correctly.

Your wonderful biocomputer

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Your brain functions much like a computer. It operates on electrical energy. It can store information, which you can retrieve later. It can use the information that is available to it to solve problems. It has certain modes that are designed especially for performing specific tasks, such as thinking, acting and sleeping.

In order to use this wonderful “biocomputer” (your brain) most effectively, you need to first be in the correct mode – the alpha brain wave level – and then do the correct things, which you can do by using the formula-type workout and fitness techniques in this blog.

In Section 2, we will teach you how to use visualization and imagination at the alpha level to rehearse mentally before performing and to improve your performance. Right now we want to help you develop and strengthen a winning attitude and believe in yourself and your ability.

What you will learn now will be excellent practice for what you will learn later. It is similar to learning the fundamentals in your sport.

Consider a positive mental attitude to be one of the fundamentals.

Entering the alpha level with conscious awareness is another.

First, let’s cover the specific steps for developing a positive mental attitude.

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