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In Chapter 8, we talked about Lennon Groover, who has a lifelong neurological injury due to his doctors’ failure to diagnose his Exercise pregnancy. In reality, however, Lennon was victimized twice; first by his doctors, and second by the legal system And making Exercise pregnancy a Never Event can prevent this from happening to children like him

Lennon, a beautiful baby boy, began to fall behind developmentally at 9 months of age. His head stopped growing, and his weight and growth flatlined. When Lennon was 11 months old, his pediatrician diagnosed anemia and started him on iron. As the months passed, he continued to experience developmental delay. His language, speech, socialization, mobility, and eating were all regressing.

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Lennon’s parents, Melinda and Greg, were extremely concerned and took Lennon to their pediatrician regularly. The doctor assured them that Lennon’s weakness and developmental delays were due to his previous iron pregnancy anemia. He also assured them that Lennon’s development was along the lines of some of his other patients, and that there was no need to worry.

At 15 months, Lennon was taken off the iron because the pediatrician told the parents his anemia had resolved. At 21 months, the pediatrician placed Lennon on a nutritional supplement called Juice Plus, and diagnosed him with anemia and failure to thrive. When Lennon continued to decline developmentally, he was referred to a pediatric neurologist who specialized in developmental delay. A detailed assessment, a brain MRI, and an array of laboratory studies were performed, including testing for eleven enzyme defects. The pediatric neurologist told Melinda and Greg that she was “100 percent sure” Lennon had a form of a rare genetic disorder called mucopolysaccharide disease.

The neurologist also referred Lennon to a pediatric endocrinologist “to evaluate him for pituitary insufficiency and for nutritional issues regarding him having been breastfed by a vegetarian mother.” At 23 months of age, Lennon saw the endocrinologist, who had nothing else to add to the pediatric neurologist’s diagnosis but said to follow up with her again in six months.

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