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Do unto others

Negativity can easily creep into your thinking even when you have the best of intentions. For example, it is fun to kid around with your teammates, but sometimes a little joke can backfire and hurt the team – and hurt you. “Afer a date, Pat can’t hit the ball even if it were standing still!” may sound like an innocent joke, but think about what kind of mental picture it creates. What impression does it make in the memory banks of Pat’s biocomputer?

If anyone makes a joke like that about you, you know what to do. Immediately “cancel-cancel” it, and replace it with a positive thought – a mental picture of you hitting the ball.

Praise your teammates. Talk about them doing the things that you want them to do. Encourage them And support your coaches. When you criticize your coaches, you undermine your own belief in their ability to help you.

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Make yourself healthy

You can even make people – including yourself – feel sick or healthy just by what you say to them.

Have you ever played that game in which everybody approaches one person and tells that person that he or she doesn’t look too good today – that he or she looks sick? When enough people ask that person if he or she is sick, the person ofen starts feeling sick.

Even when you feel bad, use Mental Housecleaning. When you think of how bad you feel, immediately say “cancel-cancel” and imagine feeling fine and in perfect health.

Your thoughts direct your energy; your mind tells your body what to do. Doctors recognize this when they say that as much as 80 percent of an illness is psychosomatic in nature. The mind (the psyche) influences the body (the soma). You can actually use your mind to help heal your body. You will learn more about this in Section 4. (One word of caution: Whenever you are working on your health, always work under a doctor’s supervision.)

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