Exercise Routine For Pregnant Women

Science discovers how your mind works

As impressive as that demonstration is, it actually raises more questions than it answers. You might be saying to yourself, “But I am a positive thinker. I think about winning. I imagine myself performing perfectly. I do all the things the superstars say they do. But I still don’t perform like the superstars, and I still get beaten. Why? Somebody please tell me why!”

What one piece of knowledge are you still lacking even after you’ve learned everything that the champions can teach you? What one advantage separates the great athletes from the good ones? Many researchers have tried to find the answer.

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They have studied training methods, rest and recovery time, nutrition and drugs, biomechanics, psychology, psychiatry, morphology and a whole lot more. They have found many things that help, but the real difference between the good athlete and the great athlete has eluded them for thousands of years.

The difference is actually quite simple: The superstars use more of their minds, and use them in a special manner. You can also learn to use the untapped power of your mind the way the superstars do to improve your fitness, enhance your athletic performance and win more ofen. But what does that mean: use more of your mind?

That’s what Workout and Fitness wondered. And he found the answer.

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