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Mental Housecleaning

With the Exercise Mental Housecleaning workout and fitness technique, you practice canceling negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

Human thought is naturally drawn to problems. This ofen helps protect us from danger and can even be important to our survival. In athletics, if you do not solve problems, you will not win and many times will not even get to compete.

You can use Mental Housecleaning any time there is a problem or an undesirable situation – when you make an error, you do not succeed at something you attempt, your opponent beats you or you miss a training session. Whatever the situation, you can use this workout and fitness technique.

Here’s how it works: Since your brain operates much like a computer, when you want to “delete” a negative thought from your brain, you will do something similar to hitting the “cancel” button on a computer. You will say “cancel-cancel” to get rid of the negative thought – the thought you do not desire. Then you will immediately replace it with a positive thought.

Those are the two steps involved in Mental Housecleaning, and it is important to do both. After an undesirable situation, immediately:

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1. Say “cancel-cancel” to cancel the negative thought. Then…

2. Replace it with a positive thought.

Here are some examples of when and how you can use Mental Housecleaning:

• You swing and miss. Say “cancel-cancel” and imagine hitting the next ball, and it will go where you want it to go.

• You begin to dread your exercise routine. Immediately say “cancel-cancel” and think of the end result: the healthy, fit, attractive body that you want.

• Your opponent blocks you. Say “cancel-cancel” and imagine getting through the next time.

• The weight is too heavy, you can’t lift it and it falls back to the lifting platform. Say “cancel-cancel” and imagine lifting it.

• Your shot goes out of bounds. Say “cancel-cancel” and imagine making a perfect shot next time.

• Your opponent beats you to the finish line. Say “cancel-cancel” and imagine getting there first.

• You drop the ball and your opponent scores. Say “cancel-cancel” and imagine catching the ball next time.

Help yourself forget. Say “cancel-cancel” and immediately start thinking about what you want.

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