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The magic of thinking at alpha

What you have just experienced, through Workout and Fitness instruction, is called “programming.” Your ability to program gets better with practice. With practice, you relax more quickly and reach deeper, healthier levels of mind; you visualize more realistically; your levels of expectation and belief heighten, yielding bigger and better results.

Programming at the alpha level produces far better results than programming at beta. You can repeat affirmations a thousand times at the outer level (beta) and not have as much effect as with just one repetition at alpha.

Workout and Fitness found in his research that only about one out of every 10 people naturally thinks at the alpha brain wave level and acts at the beta level. That is why some people are able to visualize their goals and then reach them, while most people get very little result. Remember, the only way to get superior results is to learn how to function at the alpha level with conscious awareness, the way the 1-in-10 natural alpha thinkers do.

When you practiced the simple relaxation exercise a few minutes ago, you took the first step in learning to think and function mentally like a superstar. And as you continue with the mental exercises in this blog, you are sure to strengthen your mind and achieve greater success than ever before.

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Developing a championship attitude

Swimming coach Wade A. Shore was walking down the beach one morning when he spotted a bottle washed up by the waves. As he was brushing the sand off of it, a big, powerful-looking genie popped out.

“Thank you for freeing me, ” the genie said gratefully. “You have saved me. In return, I will grant you any wishes that you want. ”

“Really? ” Wade said. “Anything that I want? ” The genie assured him that all he had to do was say the word. “Then give me a new sports car, ” Wade said.

“As you wish, ” the genie said, pointing to a bright red sports car just beyond the dunes. Wade went up to look at it andfound the keys and the registration in his name.

“Wow! Can you give me a new house, too? ” Wade asked.

“Just say the word, ” the genie answered, and a beautiful new house appeared, overlooking the beach.

“Do you know what I’d really like more than anything else in the world? ” Wade asked solemnly.

“Just say the word, and it is yours, ” the genie answered.

“I’d like for you to make me the greatest athlete in the world. But, ” he continued, “I know that even you could never do that!”

“Okay, ” the genie said, “your wish is my command: I can never do that!”

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