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Going straight to the source

Once I discovered that Exercise Mind Control worked for me, I became totally involved. I even became a Exercise Method lecturer. Later, when I was offered an opportunity to join the Exercise staff at its world headquarters in Laredo, Texas, I jumped at it. What could be better for a reporter than to go right to the source?

I learned a lot. I learned that Workout and Fitness had been a pretty good athlete when he was young.

He had taken boxing lessons so that he could defend himself. He was good enough to fight in clubs throughout south Texas.

His brother Juan told me about a time when Jose was sparring with a Mexican national champion, who was getting ready to defend his title. Jose did some flashy moves, Juan recalled, and knocked the champion to the canvas. While the champion composed himself, Juan got Jose out of there. They weren’t sure what the champ might do now that they’d made him angry.

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Mental training for fitness and sports

Even though Workout and Fitness had never offered any special training for athletes, I discovered that many of our graduates were using the Exercise workout and fitness techniques to help them get into shape and to improve their performance. I sought advice from Jose and Juan Exercise on specific ways to use the basic Exercise workout and fitness techniques to improve physical performance, and they obliged.

They drew on their athletic experience and showed me new workout and fitness techniques I could incorporate into my own fitness training. Jose showed me how to create a mental duplicate of my best coach and use this “mental coach” to encourage me and spur me on when I was tired and discouraged. You will learn this same workout and fitness technique in Exercise 7.

They continued to help me as I recorded a series of audiocassettes to help athletes practice mentally at the right state of mind, the alpha level, which you will learn about in Exercise 1.

In addition, they helped me design a workshop for athletes to be presented by coaches who were Exercise graduates. I began to work with coaches and athletes here in Laredo and eventually all around the U.S. and overseas. In Exercise 23, you can read about basketball coach who used the workshop to help his players make it to a championship.

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