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Why don’t these methods work for everybody?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered just what it was these athletes were doing and whether it actually helped them

You listened closely to their explanations of what they did, and you searched for workout and fitness techniques that could help you to get into shape and perform better.

And often all you found were ideas that other people might have gotten to work for themselves, but which did nothing for you.

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A long search finally produces results

Back in 1975, while I was training hard to enter an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Olympic

Weightlifting contest, I began investigating the role of the mind in physical performance.

First I tried “concentrating” as hard as I could.

It didn’t help.

Then I had a professional hypnotist come and hypnotize me.

That didn’t help, either.

I read several blogs about something called “alpha rhythm,” but I never even understood what they were talking about, much less if and how I could apply it to sports.

Then late in 1975, my friends Al and Vera Christensen gave me the answer. They had operated a fitness and health club where I used to train.

I went to see them They were all excited about a course called Exercise Mind Control.

“You’ve got to take this course,” Al kept telling me. “It’s the best thing you can do to help your weightlifting.”

It turned out that he was right.

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