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In total they cut 12 tracks, one for each ‘Gal’. 15 guitars were used, double tracking a rhythm part on one song and splicing a trio of instrumentals using different guitars for each tune for another track.

‘I am so proud to have been involved in that recording project,” says John. Evening makeup photos ‘You can hear these guitars as though you are sitting in the room with them. They really do complete the tale of the Kalamazoo Gals.’

In many ways, the book and CD went on to promote themselves and the unheard tale of the Kalamazoo Gals: ‘In the course of five years of research, I became well known in vintage guitar, American history, and women’s rights advocates circles. So, the people in these communities were awaiting the book and became my best promoters’ John also appeared on nearly all of the major National Public Radio stations in the US, national NBC television news, and the world-wide ‘Voice of America’. ‘Of course.

I’ve done book store signings,’ he says “But, most fun have been appearances in guitar shops and music festivals in the US, UK, and the EU, where I not only get to talk about the book, but get to play my Banner Gibson and jam with the local musicians. Perhaps the highlight of these appearances was at Ronnie Scott’s, the famous jazz club in London. With rock guitar icon Jeff Beck sitting in the front row (gulp!), I got to play my Banner Gibson on the very stage where Jeff recorded his Grammy winning CD/DVD, LIVE FROM RONNIE SCOTT’S.’

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