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Looking your best is always important, but it is never more so than is’-en you anticipate a great night out. Although the softer ght of evening is kinder to our complexions, most of us spend more time worrying about our ‘social’ face than our work one. To make sure you always make an entrance wherever you go, here are a few helpful hints:

1 Use a fluid foundation at night. The softer electric lighting means you can get away with heavier coverage than during the day, but don’t go overboard.

2 For the evening, use a powder blush. Cream blushers create an extremely natural effect that looks fine in daylight, but they can fade away to nothing when combined with a fluid foundation.

3 Remember that highlighters are excellent for enhancing yourfeatures at night- darker shades will make chosen areas of the face recede, while lighter colours will push them forwards. Used carefully, they can redefine your jaw line, reduce the appearance of your nose, enlarge your eyes and really make them stand out, and even create a generous deavage. The darkerthe shade of powderyou use, the deeper the contour will look. One tip is that, ifyou use a shader, you must a’wavs balance it with a highlighter somewhere else. Always select a reasonably stiff, angled brush to shade and highlight.

4 If you cannot master the art of shading and highlighting (don’t give up too soon, as practice really does make perfect), changing the shape of your eyebrows will have a dramatic effect on the appearance ofyourface. Lengthening them with an eye pencil, forexample, will immediately make your jaw look narrower. Remember to apply foundation all the way down the sides ofyourface, as this will help to keep your new eyebrows in place.

5 At night, always, always apply foundation to your eyelids. It is the best way to hold your eye make-up in place.

6 Just as with your eyes, applying foundation to your lips will increase the quality and lifespan ofyour lipstick.

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