Espresso and where to get it

We all know that coffee shops serve espresso, but we don’t know where to get good espresso. That and many other questions we will be trying to answer in this article so keep on reading.

To know how to get good espresso fist we need to know how good espresso is created. Many expensive espresso makers will claim they make the best one for that price. But is that really true? In most cases this isn’t true and all that those luxury machines offer is shiny look and few extra buttons to press. Quality espresso maker needs to operate with high pressure and do the whole process slow, to preserve espressos aroma and taste.Although we live in fast paced time and time is money, if we wish for a good cup of espresso then we should take our time making it.

Popular coffee shops offer fast service with a lot of orders in minutes delivered. That doesn’t mean they have quality, usually it means exact opposite you get more for less quality products. Some may think that service is slow in other coffee makers global places, so they avoid them. But those people couldn’t be more wrong, it’s the time invested and quality that counts for good cup of espresso.

So I would suggest if you are really interested in drinking good cup of espresso, go and watch the whole process of creating espresso. If it’s fast and low quality I would stay away from that place.

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