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The Beautiful B Vitamins Best for Your Hair

The B vitamins work their big, beautiful best to keep your hair strong, healthy, and looking it. B vitamins are so important to every part of a healthy you that I simply cannot imagine anyone’s not getting enough of them. Not being sure they’re getting enough, I should say. Emo hairstyles for men 2015 Check the chapter on Vitamin Vitality in the last section of this beauty blog to see just how much of the B’s ought to be going into you every day.

The B vitamins are so vital to hair that Leonard of London, the hairdresser who lopped off model Twiggy’s locks and thereby made her into a superstar prescribes B vitamins for all of his clients. It’s part of his beautiful-hair program. Emo hairstyles for men 2015 And Vidal Sassoon, in his London salon, kept a registered nurse on hand to administer shots of B vitamins as instant salvation for hair that looked on the way out. It’s pretty sturdy proof of B-power when these gentlemen, who are well acquainted with hair, consider the B vitamins the basic beginnings of beautiful hair.

At the risk of being repetitive, I will say once again that I never like to dissect the B vitamins. But if you can get hold of those two elusive B’s choline and inositol you’ve got hold of two of the greatest hair-helpers extant. Emo hairstyles for men 2015 Brewer’s yeast is possibly the best, natural (as opposed to capsule) way to get all the vitamin B-complex in one food. Brewer’s yeast makes for beautiful B-full hair, so get it inside of you if you can.

I have to confess that I cannot. For, after all my lectures on learning to love things that do beautiful things for you Cor me), brewer’s yeast is one food I just can’t swallow. And so I take my extra super-duper B-complex capsules, instead, following all the proportion instructions found under Vitamin Vitality.

And, while we’re onto B, always bear in mind that too much sun or too much alcohol both have a way of taking all of the vitality out of the B vitamins. (By the same token, extra B vitamins can cure a hangover pronto. I’d still prefer you didn’t have one.) If you’re contemplating lots of either sun or drink then be sure to double dose on vitamin B, and save that hair beauty.

And if you save those Bs, you’re in for a lovely surprise. For B vitamins, it is claimed by both hair experts and nutritionists alike, are the ones that can change your hair from white to color again. Sounds phenomenal, all right, and it is. So phenomenal that we’re going to give it a chapter all its own, next.

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