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If you elect to have a follicular unit transplant, here’s generally

what to expect while undergoing the procedure:

First, you’r probably receive a sedative to relax you and a local anesthetk to numb your calp. Next, the surgeon will select a donor ftrip of scalp with healthy hair follides and removc it uiing a scalpel. As with other grafting procedures, the donor strip is usually takcn from the back or sides of the head. The strip is temporarily preserved in a special saline solution. The surgeon stitches up the donor area to close the wound, which should heal in about a week or two. You’ll have a slight scar, but it will be barely visible.

Medical technicians dissect the donor strip to remove any extra fat tissue and then cut it into hundreds of follicular units of one to four hairs each. To prepare the recipient site, the surgeon creates a tiny incision using a specialized needle. Unlike other hair transplant procedures, no slits or holes are required to accept the donor strip. The recipient sites created in follicular unit transplantation are smaller than holes or slits produced by any other method of hair transplantation.

The follicular units are then placed on the recipient site in a direction that matches the natural growth of your hair. Place ment is usually done manually with forceps, or performed with a newer surgical instrument called the Rapid Fire Hair Implanter Carousel, which is a disposable, hand held device that houses the individual follicular grafts. It has a sharp end that pierces the scalp and an insertion device that moves the implants into the recipient site. The entire procedure typically lasts six to seven hours.

On average, it takes three to four months for transplanted hair to start growing. In some cases, it can take up to a year or longer. Sometimes, additional follicular transplantations are warranted, usually to further refine the hairline, add some density, or to transplant an entirely new area. If you and your surgeon determine that further sessions are needed, it’s best to wait eight to twelve months between procedures, so that your transplanted hair has had time to grow.

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