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A hair transplant is a permanent solution to baldness, but it’s pos sible only if you have enough hair to spare from the back or sides of your scalp. Very diffuse thinning ali över your scalp may make a hair transplant inadvisable. However, a technique called the slit graft (see page 192) can produce natural looking results even in cases of diffuse thinning.

Hair transplants are performed mostly on patients with androgenetic alopecia or with permanent baldness caused by bums or infection, but usually not on patients with alopecia areata. With alopecia areata, there’s always the chance that your hair will grow back on its own. Furthermore, patients with alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis do not have enough donor hair to warrant the procedure.

The quality of your existing hair is important. Hair that’s broken or diseased does not produce pleasing transplant results. The sur geon can judge the quality of your hair by examining it under a microscope.

Is your hair naturalîy curly? Then you’re in luck. Curly hair cov ers the scalp better than straight hair, for two reasons. First, it twists and tums as soon as it emerges from the follicle, and thus spreads out över the graft to give better scalp coverage. Second, curly hair naturalîy creates the illusion of more hair. Wavy hair gives good results, too. Straight hair does not cover as well.

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