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How do the older children feel about Father Christmas?

Peter: Junior’s questioning me a lot. I’m like: ‘Dude, don’t question me!’ He wants to be grown up but he’s really happy to be excited still. Bista’s so excited and is worried Santa won’t fit through our chimney. And she’ll want us to leave mince pies out for him, too.

Emily: We’ll also put a wish list up the chimney so Santa knows where we are. We’ll leave him a little sherry, too, and a carrot for Rudolph. So let’s hope Santa leaves a few mud marks on the floor so the kids know he’s been there.

Have you done Christmas lists with the kids? Peter: It’s bizarre, they don’t really ever ask for anything. Bista just wants chocolate!

Emily: I had a conversation with them in the car the other day about some ideas. Princess just asked for pens and paper. She never asks us for an iPad or anything like that. She said >

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