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ELIZABETH HURLEY HAIRSTYLES on The Devils torch is touching the mans tail and could set it on fire. Chains loop around the necks of the man and woman, but their hands are free. This indicates that they are voluntarily enchained to the Devil through their own ignorance, apathy or lack of consciousness. The black background suggests that it is difficult to see the truth.

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The couple are slumped at the Devils feet and do not appear to want to make any effort to alter their restricted lives. Satellite Map of Kirtlebridge Shaded Relief Panoramic Map of Kirtlebridge Kirtlebridge photos, maps, books, memories Francis Frith Maps Owen Davey Illustration Reading of day; Diiinatory Meaning The Devil is a card that arouses fear, yet the message it brings is one of release. The Devil has become connected with, among other things, the evils of sexuality, leading to attempts to repress sexual urges.



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