Edgy Short Haircut For Women

Some like it hot hair styles

Water that is too hot has the tendency to open the cuticle layers of your hair. If you use hot water to wash your hair, you can scald your hair, much like the effect of a curling iron, and this can lead to dull hair and make it more dry and brittle.

On the flipside, heat can also have a positive effect on your hair when used for deep conditioning treatments. When the heat causes the hair to open, it allows the conditioning agent to penetrate deeply.

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We all have days when we become bored with our hair and are looking for a change. Sometimes it is fun to shake things up a bit without sabotaging our healthy hair care routine.

But did you know that socks can give you super easy and natural looking curls with absolutely no heat? This is especially good for those of us with fine or thin hair. Magic happens when the ‘sock-bun’ is removed, revealing voluminous, Hollywood curls naturally, and with NO HEAT. See Appendix – I for How to Make a Sock Bun Idea. The sock can also be used to ‘bulk up’ the size of your bun while you wait for your hair to thicken up.

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