Edgy haircuts for 2015

But don’t despair there are solutions in the form of hair products. Many of these simply moisturize the hair fibre, making the hair look and feel stronger. Advances in shampoo aione, where complex blends of proteins, moisturizers and amino acids are mixed together, really make a big difference in the anti ageing war!

So do these ‘anti ageing’ hair care products work? Yes, is the simple answer. With their complex blends of proteins, silicones and voluminizers, they all work by realigning the cuticle scales making the hair look and feel smoother, shinier and therefore younger. For many women losing hair density is their biggest fear.

Unlike men who lose it around the temples or the crown area, generally woman lose a percentage of hair all over the head and particularly right on the top usually where they notice it most in the mirror. I’ve met women who have tried everything in their power to reverse the natural process that their body may be going through, while
other women are happy to just let nature take its course.

Hair loss can be devastating and embarrassing and can lead to loss of self esteem or pride.Times have changed and women are now much more comfortable talking about this issue that effects an alarmingly high percentage of women. There is more advice and more solutions and remedies available that may help.

There are no guaranteed solutions as there are so many complex and diverse reasons for hair loss, ranging from stress, medication, oral contraceptive use, hormone imbalances, weight gain, thyroid problems and, of course, genetics.

For this reason I always refer clients who suffer with hair loss to a doctor or trichologist who can best assess the possible reasons and solutions. The next step is to visit a good stylist who can cut and style hair that has lost some of its density to create the right look for you and give you Shiny Happy Hair

How to look YOUNGER…

Never hang onto the same style for too long. Fashions change and so should your hairstyle. You should change or adapt your look at least every three years or you run the risk of looking like you are living in another decade which can dramatically age you. It doesn’t’ have to be a drastic change it could just be a change of parting or adding or reducing width or height.

Avoid overly trendy haircuts or conceptual dramatic haircuts. Over a certain age it just looks like you are trying too hard. You may love wearing conceptual clothes and if that’s the case just keep the hair simple and tailored.

Avoid wearing haircuts with hard, sharp, dramatic angles or anything too directional leave this look to the kids!

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