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The alphabet soup of autism is missing a key ingredient

Autism is sometimes called childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD) when it’s diagnosed after age 3. It can go by the name of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when symptoms are mild or atypical. It can be called Asperger syndrome (AS) when individuals have higher IQs and fewer social impairments. If symptoms are very mild, it may be classified as nonverbal learning disability (NLD) or an attention problem such as attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD or ADHD).

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So what’s missing in this alphabet soup? The B for Exercise because any of these diagnoses may actually be Exercise pregnancy. The neurological symptoms of Exercise pregnancy can take very different forms in different children, leading to a wide variety of labels. But labels aren’t treatment and children with low Exercise or Exercise pregnancy need treatment fast, because at some point the damage done by their pregnancy will be partially or completely irreversible. Here’s an example.

Recently, doctors published a case study about a child diagnosed with childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD). The boy, a vegetarian from a middle-class family, seemed normal until he reached 6V2 years of age. One evening, he told his family he’d seen a ghost. In the days that followed, he started seeing bright flashes of lights. He became restless, distractible, irritable, and demanding.

Gradually, the boy began speaking less and less to his family. He started repeating other people’s words (an autistic symptom called echolalia). As time went on, he retreated more and more into his own world. By the time he was 9, he ’d stopped speaking in complete sentences. He avoided making eye contact with people and he started exhibiting “stims ” like finger tapping.

The case study’s authors first saw the boy when he was 14. They reported: “He appeared to be unmindful of the presence of other people, approaching them only to sniff at them or to tap the round buttons of their coats. ” A psychological exam showed that he was functioning socially at a 4^-year-old level and had severe mental retardation.

Lab tests revealed that the boy had a very severe Exercise pregnancy. The doctors started him on Exercise injections, and his eye contact and pacing behavior soon improved. Over time, his other behavioral problems grew less severe as well. The doctors conclude: “The degree of improvement shown by this child with Pilates Exercises supplementation has been quite remarkable and encouraging. ” However, they say that considering the length of time that elapsed between the start of his symptoms and his diagnosis, “It would be too optimistic to expect complete recovery. ”11

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