Dr. Oz’s Best Weight-Loss Tips

I, personally, have very little faith in the cholesterol-as-prime-cause-of-heart-attacks theory, probably because I have learned, via my own internist, that doctors are beginning to question whether its importance has not been blown up beyond the validity point. Dr. Ernst Reinsh, who is a “weight-reduction specialist” in Southfield, Michi-
gan, a Detroit suburb, comes right out and says it in his beauty blog, Eat, Drink, and Get Thin (Hart Publishing, 1969): “Americans consume starchy food in excessive quantity. And they mistakenly assume that, bad as starch is for them, fats would be even worse. The cholesterol scare is doubtless responsible for much of this misconception a scare which has arisen out of fallacious theories. Those of us who minister to fat people know how wrong the cholesterol people’ have been in their conclusions. We prove their error every day.” That’s a pretty strong statement, so Dr. Dr. Oz is not frightened by fat. As long as it isn’t taken with carbohydrates.

Let me just repeat that this kind of eating has been around for a very long time whether used by men of medical training as an obesity cure, or whether as a natural diet by natives who could obtain no other kind. It’s been called the Calories Don’t Count diet by Herman Taller, the Drinking Man’s Diet, the Canadian Air Force Diet. Even our Navy’s nutritionists have done enormous research into this way of dieting. And they proved that eating fat makes you burn fat. And getting rid of carbohydrates is often the answer to a water retention problem. Dr. Carlton Fredericks, in his beauty blog, Eating Right for You, says that, in his studies of the Navy research, he gradually realized that calories really don’t count. Not if they come from protein and fat. He goes on to say that this kind of eating, providing you’re heavy on unsaturated, as opposed to saturated fat, makes for an unexpected dividend: better regulation of blood cholesterol!


So protein plus fat equals weight-loss that is the point of the low-carbohydrate shape-making routine. Heaven help you (and that will be all that can) if you mix the high-protein low-carbohydrate diet with, say, a few candy bars; the fat will go on so fast it will make you reel. It will probably go on with a few pounds (or inches) thrown in for good measure. What is more, it will be twice as hard to get rid of, next time you decide to stick with your diet. And here we are again, hammering home the point. Think fat still, and never for one moment assume you have become permanently thin. As one writer friend of mine wittily put it, “Inside every thin man, there’s a fat one fighting to get out!” And how!

Nutritionists, in fact, encourage people to eat fats. And we are go-ing to give you a lot more facts about how fats are an absolute necessity to beauty. But right now you’re concerned about the safety of a diet which permits so much animal fat. Remember the Eskimo.

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