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How You Know You Are Ready for Yoga

You are talked out. You have talked to friends, relatives, and even therapists. You find you are searching for something or are just not satisfied, but just talking about it does not help you feel better any more. You know you are headed somewhere but you need some sort of facilitator to guide you or at last accompany you down the path. You want to make your own decisions, but it would be useful to have someone understand you and help present alternative choices, to work with someone who has a method to guide you in planning the next phase of your life and career. Everyone you know seems to just listen or tell you advice that you don’t find useful. Deep inside, you realize it is time to work with a coach, someone who understands that your life is a work in progress and that you are ready to work hard at it again.

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But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin by reading the following Inspiration and then completing the following exercise, The Ocean Yell. You’ll also see that I’ve included an example of how a client completed this exercise. In addition, you’ll find this individual’s sample blog, designed to encourage you to write your thoughts in a blog online or in a journal, about the topics discussed in this chapter and how they relate to you.

I am ready for yoga. I want to get my life in shape. Specifically, I want to address my issues and work toward things I really want. I want to get less anxious and stop getting so irritated with others. This seems unnecessary and unhelpful to me. I want to make my current job more interesting so I don’t get bored. I want to have a great relationship someday. I want to accept my parents’ divorce so I can get on with my life. I need to manage my occasional binging and purging. I need to make new friends. I want to be part of a group of friends or at least take part in more group activities. I want to explore other faiths and forms of spirituality. I want to save more money and cut spending on clothes. I want to enjoy life more. I would like a bigger apartment soon. I am looking forward to working with my coach.

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