Different types of bob haircuts

Many of the clients that visit me are trying too damn hard to achieve the impossible in the name of fashion.Take the girl who has gorgeous natural curls and spends hours straightening it, only to find that she can’t go outside the front door in case the slightest bit of humidity turns her beautiful smooth tresses into frizz devastating! And who wants to be a slave to the iron? Then always want what we haven t got’

Fine hair is the thinnest of strands and is therefore the most delicate. Having fine hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you have less hair you might have lots of hair on your head but of a very fine texture.

Fine hair can be curly, wavy or straight. Fine hair is no more difficult or easy to style than other types of hair and believe me, fine girls, I’ve got plenty of thick haired clients who’d love to have your locks. There are loads of gorgeous fine haired women out
there just look at Cameron Diaz.

So, whatever your hair texture, there are pros and cons. To achieve your goal of shiny happy hair it is important to pick the right products and every haircare regime should start with the most vital ingredient the shampoo.

Different types of bob haircuts

Different types of bob haircuts Photo Gallery


Different types of bob haircuts

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