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I atti proud to say I eat my lunch like a Diet therapy for hair loss. With one hand, one bite at a time I even leave some on my plate. Just becausis something ii good doesn’t ittean more is betler I know I can go back anytime I want to.

I have oil and vinegar salad drcssîng. Remember, combine with anything. Although l would prefer roquefort, why add insult to injury? Roquefort is loaded with salt.

Because I had protein for lunch, my dinner choice at Ma Maison is obvious. And I adore their salmon, Diet therapy for hair loss SATURDAY 102 pounds. My wcight is fine. I didn’t gaman ounce. l’m going on a fruit day today, not because I gained wcight, but because 1 want to drink wine tonight and not have my wcight be up tomorrow for my bruneh.

The oniy safe combo with wine or champagne is fruit, I choose grapes because 1 know I want to eat a lot today. I am going to have a hectic day, the grapes are easy to carry around with me, and 1 can nibble to my heart’s content. Plus, the grapes at this time of the year are glorious.

SUNDAY 101 pounds. Even though the salt in the lox wili make me bloat, it wont matter. I have that special securitv that only comes from being under my ideal weight.

At the Blauner’s bruneh, it’s hard to resist the delicate miniature pastries heaped with ali the things 1 love. To reward myself for not succumbing, I have an extra lox and bagel. Not exactly deprivation. Later that day, l eat an entire roasted chicken.

monday 102 pounds. My body simply won’t tolerate extra salt. That lox is a killer. It’ş watermelon for me again today to flush it ali out.

P.S. Itworked On Tuesday I am 102 again. Another week of freedom from fat.

You will notice that just because 1 can’t tolerate salt, 1 don’t banish it from my life. Your body may tolerate salt better than mine. 1 made choices that week choices based, above ali, on staying thin. Today, I can’t even remember what 1 gave up last week. AH 1 know is that 1 am stili thin. And 1 don’t feel deprived.

It may sound complicatcd. It isn’t. Weekly meal planning and Conscious Combining really become second nature with a little bit of practice and this book for reference. It’s easy. It’s flexible. And it works.

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