Diet advices

You’re placing yourself in danger.
Does your diet largely consist of meat, eggs, poultry, fish, whole grain cereals, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy products, fresh vegetables?
Then you’re fortifying yourself against future problems.

If you take a balanced vitamin mineral supplement (see Chapter 13) that contains all of the essential and nonessential elements, you’ve increased your chances of becoming a zero complaint person.
It all adds up to an understanding that no one need feel helpless about preventing a mental crackup. Your chance of remaining emotionally stable is likely to depend more upon your internal environment the way you eat than on any of the external forces which may come along.

Dr. Jacques M. May put it very well indeed: “It is as though I had on a table three dolls, one made of glass, another of celluloid, and a third of steel, and I chose to hit the three dolls with a hammer using equal strength. The first doll would break, the second would scar, the third would emit a pleasant sound.”
You can decide which kind of doll you want to be: the one that shatters under assault, the one that survives but is scarred for life, or the one that remains resilient through adversity.

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