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Even if you can’t get to a health club, you can easily walk a couple of miles and stili have time for a light lunch. Get one of your fellow workers to join you. Make a big deal out of it, and before you know it you’ll have a regular noon exercise club going. Good health habits, you’ll Diane Kruger Hairstyles discover, are as infec-tious as bad health habits. You might even get your boss involved, and then you can ask for a little extra time for a fuller workout. I know one employee who Diane Kruger Hairstyles goes in to work a half-hour earlier each day so that she can have an hour and a half for lunch, letting her get out to a club. If you work in a business park, check to see if there is a health facility near you. Most business parks have them, as do many modern office facilities and large Diane Kruger Hairstyles.

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