THE ROOM TEMPERATURE NEVER FALLS BELOW MINUS EIGHT DEGREES CELSIUS, WHICH PROVIDES JUST ENOUGH INSULATION TO PROTECT THE ICE FROM MELTING AND EXHILARATE GUESTS AWAKE. IT CLOSES IN MID-APRIL AS THE ICE BEGINS TO MELT, RETURNING TO MOTHER NATURE, PROVIDING A CLEAN SLATE FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR AS THE WATER RUNS BACK INTO THE THORNE RIVER. Now twenty years later, ICEHOTEL is prospering on the unrepeated experiences it offers and the artistry it exhibits. The amenities offered at the hotel include access to the wilderness of the Arctic Circle, views of the Northern Lights, warm accommodations and the ICEBAR, amongst others. Guests sleep in sleeping bags, atop reindeer hides and mattresses that cover large blocks of ice.

ICEHOTEL promises that the room temperature never falls below minus eight degrees Celsius, which provides just enough insulation to protect the ice from melting and exhilarate guests awake. The hotel has 47 rooms which accommodate approximately 50 – 60,000 guests per year. It closes in mid-April as the ice begins to melt, returning to Mother Nature, providing a clean slate for the following year as the water runs back into the Torne River. ICEHOTEL continues its effort to be C02 negative by incorporating renewable energy used such as wind, hydro, solar energy and biofuels. The effort is an example of what could be done even in the most severe climates – even where it is dark and cold for the most of the year.


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