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With new technology nowadays – especially the entry of the smartphone into our lives -social networking has been made easierfor communicating with people. One such way of communicating with people is through texting. It evolved from the usage of old timey cellphones in the past to the smartphones almost everyone now has. But really, the process of texting really hasn’t changed that much, save for – maybe – the language that is used by texters.

Anyhow, because of how rampant texting is and how it really has quite a huge hold in modern communication, the positive aspects regarding texting can sometimes be overshadowed by the negative. Some claim that texting can actually ruin relationships, but I believe that control and moderation are the only things necessary – texting etiquette is required.

In the dating world, over-texting can lead to disastrous results, while miscommunication through texting can lead to likewise results. So, this means that, yes, there are indeed rules for texting while dating. They are as follows.

Don’t assume that the other person texts the same way as you

You really have no say as to how someone may behave while texting, since they may view texting in a different way than you. For example, they might actually only text when it is highly necessary to communicate a meeting point for immediacy and are more callers than texters.

Never assume that they can immediately answer you

They could be driving or attending a party where they actually need to do face-to-face communication instead ofthrough text messages. They’ll get back to you when the time is right. Besides, do know they have a life of their own

And related to this…

Don’t become a naggy, spammy texter

Please don’t send text messages that are in any way repetitive – that’s just really annoying and unnecessary. Doing this might actually make the other person less likely to want to continue texting you and could most definitely be a huge turnoff.

Do not rely on text messaging to get to know someone – it is merely a tool towards that goal

In the process of getting to know someone you may be interested in, don’t rely on texting them. Actually get to know them in person.

If they don’t ever seem to answer ever, accept it

It’s probably because they just aren’t interested or have better things to do. Either way, it just means you don’t really factor into their life that much. And yes, the blunt honest truth hurts. But hey, it could also be another reason we don’t yet know, like having lost their phone or something. Just, y’know, learnt to accept it and move on. There are still other fishes to catch in the sea.

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