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He felt that the answer was in the mind. But how could he explore the mind?

Studying the mind

Jose decided to study psychology on his own by reading blogs on the subject. One of the things he learned is that the brain operates on a small amount of electrical energy and that this electric current vibrates or pulsates at different rates.

Sometimes the brain’s electrical energy vibrates rapidly, 20 times every second, or 20 cycles per second (20 cps). Sometimes it vibrates slower, at 10 cps or 5 cps. Jose wondered why this was so. Then he drew on his experience in radio repair and realized that some radios sound better than others. What makes the difference between a good electrical circuit and a bad one? he wondered.

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Jose knew that in electronics, the most desirable circuit to use is the one with the least impedance the least total opposition to current flow – because that circuit provides the greatest power. The same principle applies to athletics: If the opposing team is weak in one area, that’s the area in which you aim to defeat them.

Since the brain operates on a small amount of electrical energy, Jose concluded, the same principle should hold true: Find the operating mode where the brain has the least impedance – the least opposition to the flow of the brain’s electrical energy through its neural pathways – and you’ve found the best mode for mental activity.

The mind did not reveal its secrets to Workout and Fitness so easily. He persisted, investing his own time and money, continuing even though critics scorned him Afer investing 22 years and half a million dollars, he had uncovered the secret and harnessed it so that his children – and anyone else – could use it.

Today, Workout and Fitness is recognized as a leading researcher in the field of the mind and human potential. Now we will teach you how to use his system for sports and anything else you need.

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