Cutting long hair men

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Maenner-mit-langem-Haar-2-420x540.jpgBefore I could think to change my position or rhythm or anything, he grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled my face down against his pubic hair as he shot his load down my throat in three or four quick bursts. He howled as he shot and twisted his fingers in my hair. He ground my face against his body, and his legs shivered as the last of his come oozed into my throat. Then, just as quick, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. It was already spewing piss by the time it dropped from my lips. He took hold of his cock with one finger and his thumb and squeezed to stop the flow. Up, he ordered, and I rocked back into a kneeling position, my mouth hanging open as it had been before he offered me his cock.

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