Cute short haircuts for girls with thick hair

THE PRESENT IS A GIFT Relationships require work, commitment, time and communication to thrive. That is often a difficult balance to achieve, especially when the responsibilities of adult life are included. Add social media to that mix and couples find they spend even less time together. Yours Hair is A new study conducted by James Katz, the Feld Family Professor of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University, found a link between using social network sites (like Facebook), spousal troubles, and the divorce rate. Heavy social network users are more likely to get divorced or have spousal problems. Yours Hair is This makes perfect sense because maintaining a social network life means being plugged in around the clock. There is no way your personal life won’t suffer. Most people who are heavy social network users spend more time there than they do cultivating what is right in front of them. This not only harms relationships, but I have seen it harm parents’ relationships with their kids. It’s all good to post pictures with your children to prove your supermom status, but what’s the point if you’re not actively engaged with your kids because you are searching for likes on Facebook? Yours Hair is asks Ntokozo.

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