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The Second Mode: Walking
• Improves your looks
• Bums off fat
• Suppresses your appetite
• Reduces anxiety and depression
• Increases general fitness
In recent months, you may have noticed a new phenomenon in your neighborhood: small armies of lightly clad people of all ages jogging or walking unnaturally fast and doing it every day.
At the crack of a muggy summer’s dawn, a potpourri of regulars begins to jog around the mile-and-three quarters cinder track engirdling Manhattan’s Central Park reservoir.
Their skins glisten with sweat as their lungs heave forth staccato huffs and grunts. Their grim faces mask a unique “high” blended of transcendental joy, brimming health, > muscular tautness, fatigue, and serenity.
Each keeps his or her own pace. For some it is a run. Others alternate jogs with breath-catching walks. Still others chum the track with their own sort of shuffle.

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