Cute haircuts for heart shaped faces

Romantic and glamorous Kirby grips Hairstyle Tutorial

Romantic and glamorous, this look is stunning and elegant and would work perfectly for a gorgeous night out. It looks great worn with a cocktail dress or evening gown but would work just as well with a great pair of jeans and killer heels. Worn to one side it is pretty, girly and totally feminine. The secret for hair up is to secure the hair out of the way so you are free to play and flaunt your lovely style.

“A stunning look that is soft and romantic ”

For best results first wash and blow dry the hair smooth using a round brush and mousse. Create a side parting with a comb then, using your hands, gather all the hair over to the opposite side of the head behind the ear area to create a ponytail. Use a no snag hairband to secure.

Use your fingers to pinch random pieces through the top section to create more volume and texture.
Using a bristle brush, backcomb the ponytail in sections. Smooth over the top section gently with the bristle brush and apply hairspray for hold.

Twist the ponytail around and wrap in a clockwise direction tucking the ends under the bun. Hold in place with your hands.
When the desired shape is in place use kirby grips to secure. Hairspray should be used to give hold and final polish to the shape.

What you need:

Smoothing product Comb Hairdryer Large round brush Straightening irons Shine serum One of the must have look of today shiny, healthy and fabulous. The hair looks and feels like silk and perfectly accompanies any fabric or cut of clothes. It screams that you care about your hair and has all the hallmarks of shiny happy hair. Worn from a central or side parting it’s a favourite of many a celebrity and is much admired!

For best results start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Apply a smoothing product and use your fingers to help spread the product evenly through the hair. Use a comb to part the hair in the centre.

Blow dry the hair, starting at the back of the head. Work through the hair section by section, using a large round brush and a hairdryer to lift the hair at the roots and smooth through the rest of the hair until complete.

Forfinal polish and shine use straightening irons throughout the hair.

Work in sections, smoothing the hair from root to tip. Take care not to go over the same area to avoid heat damage. Finally use a few drops of shine serum and apply gently to the hair, avoiding the root area.

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