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It expresses sensuality and is a symbol of fertility and vitality. On the other hand, women with shorter hair can be seen as more forceful, assertive and independent, and for many this has huge sexual appeal.
Hair and sex are intrinsically linked and flaunted the world over. As a hairdresser I’ve worked on so many fashion and magazine shoots and almost every starlet I’ve worked with has used her hair as part of her seduction and sexual allure.

Sexy hair is what I do best and do every day. A snip of a lock here, a blast from the hairdryer there can make all the difference to how sexy a woman can look.

When your hair is’done’and looking its best, for a while anything and everything is possible! Hair that is flowing, healthy and shiny has sex appeal there’s no denying it!

The way women use hair as a tool of seduction is never more evident than in the early stages of a relationship. I’ve lost count of the amount of men and woman that have visited mefor’extra special hair’or a sexy hair makeover, all because this is their chance to make the best impression on a first date. Enjoying a newly single status is another time when women decide to pull out all the stops and get sexy hair.

Trying to improve their chances of attraction and desirability, the acquisition of a sexy, sassy new style could just be the key. It’s actually happened to a client of mine she literally walked out of the salon joking that if her new hair didn’t get her a man, nothing would only to be stopped by a hunky stranger telling her how stunning she was! Five years later, they are still happily married. Wow! Now that is the power of a great haircut!

Throughout history those not content with their natural hair colour have been able to their locks with artificial dyes, tints, herbs and minerals and have tried
all manner of mixing and blending.

The first colourant properly marketed to the public came courtesy of Eugene Schueller in 1909 under the name L’Oreal. It was perfect timing women were becoming experimental with hairstyles and fashion and were breaking free of the acceptable standards of the past. It was a time of liberation and L’Oreal have led the way in colour innovation and technology ever since.The phrase ‘becauseyou’re worth it’ has become one of the most commonly used catchphrases and a byword for style.

Responses to hair colour can be fickle and depend on prevailing cultural attitudes, trends and celebrities what’s in one year is out the next. The morality of dyeing one’s hair has been much debated and in some intellectual circles it has been frowned upon as mere’vanity’. Over the years there has been much debate about the need to colour grey hair.

In my opinion grey hair usually makes a woman look ten years older. And what’s wrong with a bit of vanity? I was brought up to take pride in my appearance and the women I meet feel more confident and happier the better they look. Of course there are the obssesives for whom enough is never enough! If you ask me, all hair can benefit from a little colour enhancement. Hair without colour is like a face without make up.

Grey hair is synonymous with ageing so why not indulge in a bit of luxury and relax at the salon with a little chitchat and a magazine whilst your colourless hair is given a new lease of life?

“I’m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I’m not dumb. I also know that I’m not blonde.

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