Curly Long Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Long, Curly Hairstyles for Thick Hair Haircuts And Hair Care

If, indeed, you are considering surgical recovery of your hair, you will want to weigh the following techniques.
Hair Transplantation
This common, and perhaps oldest, surgical transplant procedure involves taking plugs of skin that contain hair from the dense “donor” sites and placing them in receptor holes in the balding or thinning scalp. Generally, men vsith hair loss in Curly Long Hairstyles for Thick Hair the frontal area only the Norwood I and II classifications make the best candidates for transplantation. If, however, the patient is young and has a potential for much further hair loss, Curly Long Hairstyles for Thick Hair it must be kept in mind that other surgical procedures may have to be contem-plated in the future.

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