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Frizzy hair can be such a nightmare. Especially girls with wavy or curly hair know this very well. Hot weather or rainy days can become source of conflict for them. Luckily, not anymore. In this article I will give info about frizzy hair solutions and frizzy hair home remedies.

But to understand the sources of problem lets talk about what causes frizzy hair first.

Cause of Frizz

Hair with curls or waves needs moisture more than any other hair type. So when they face to weathers with humidity, the cuticles in the hair expands in order to soak up the moisture in the air. This process causes frizz.

How To Get Rid Of Dry Frizzy Hair

First of all you should be very careful with the shampoo you use. Because it may steal natural oil in the hair. Use a very gentle and sulfate free shampoo. Also don’t wash your hair every day. You can use dry shampoo or baby powder in between days.

Secondly you have to make sure that your hair is moisturized completely. Don’t forget to use conditioners and apply moisture masks once or twice in a week.

Also hot oil treatments are very good for frizzy and dry hair. Make use you use them once a week, too.

Lastly when you are styling your hair, leave in styling oils rather than hairstyling spray. Effects of spray disappear after certain time and also it leaves your heair greasy. But using good leave in hair oil gives hair more permanent shape and also nourishes hair.

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