Curly Hairstyles And Colours

SELECTION OF YOUR HAIR STYLE: The aim of this section is to help you choose a hair style that matches your age, your hair’s gender and your life style. A second aim is to teach you what to do for a beautiful hairstyle, because you have a healthy hair and one is tied to the other. Of course, the genus of your hair is important. But, hard, thin or medium, you can not have a beautiful hair shape unless your hair is healthy. The first condition to achieve this is the right fitness program. This means proper eating regime and adequate resting. For the food regime, keep in mind that foods that are good to your tongue – milk, fruits, vegetables – are good for your hair. Vitamins work in the same way as your hair, as it causes your skin to look healthy and fresh. However, if you are following the proper conditions for good health and your hair is still awful, you will either do it with your doctor or avoid it knowing that it is a result of using too much fluff or bad hair coloring.

GOOD COURSE HEALING BEAUTIFUL: A successful hairstyle starts with a hair that has been carefully looked at. Uncared hair due to carelessness or ignorance can not fix even the most talented barber in the world. For hair care, it is necessary to start with the scalp hair. Because hair grows here. For the hair to grow normally every month, the hair of the head (about 5-6 mils per month) should be brought into action with quick brushing. If your scalp is dry or itchy or if you have a dandruff problem, you need to be looked at. Another essential cleaning for hair and skin. There are no rules for shampoo. When you need shampoo. Some types of hair become dirtier than others. Excessive oily hair should be washed every three days. If the air you live in is too smoky and dusty, you should make more shampoo. Rinse the hair thoroughly and apply a creamy rinse if the hair is dry.

SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED: You will need special equipment to give your hair a healthy look and to show you what you need. Although there are many ingredients for hair on the market, a few essential tools are very necessary. At the top of the list, your hair’s best friend comes with a hair brush. Every night there is an indispensable feature for quick brushing and hair styling. Brush thoroughly after each blond to combine the hair and give it a boost. It is the best bristle brush for not damaging the hair and the skin. If possible, also have a nylon brush to give shape. Two combs are required to take one at home with you. Then 2 or 3 size curves are required. It should be big for long hair, small size for small tips. You should also get a pile of files and a hair filesi to keep everything in place to keep the big ones and only for the places covered with the buckets. Of course you need a shampoo based on the type of your hair (oil, dry) and a creme hair wrapping lotion and spray. It would be much better if you could get a dryer.

When hair is healthy and well looked after with the necessary tools, it needs a style that will show it best, that is not out of fashion, and that suits you with your life style. We chose some shapes in the back pages that could be for you. You will find hair shapes according to the shape of your face, the length of your hair, and a special situation. Bun-headlights are new or refined classic shapes. Try the formats you want to try, but ask a bargain before making major changes. Your hair needs to be cut and shaped by a hairdresser to get the style you want. If you can not do this yourself, you are a master professional. If your hair needs a new perm, special care, or a new renge, you are going to do it too. Do not forget that a new hairstyle can be a new beginning in life. NEW TRENDS: The newest heading that a hairstyle can take is straight, comfortable lines. This requires a very good cut for the smoothest result. Mr. Coiffu-res from the hairdressers of the Americana salon. Jay cuts the hair before brushing up on this curved shape for Gina Lollobrigido and brushes it off after ripping it off with a bigger size for bulge. The bend was curled in another direction, cut by Frederik Jones to show a nice profile and brushed to the side. The craft line is again cut and shaped by hugging. Use bigger bows for the hill, keep the sides of the neck sticky with well rounded pens horns. The hair was cut in the length of the chin to give full length to the caravel ends. The bigger the biggers, the better. They’re all down right. Wrap this Natalie Wood’s eyebrow line as shown in the picture for a perforated shape. Then separate the hair from the top to the chin. Brush the hill hair into the alna and curl it in. The caravel, which is always popular for medium-length hair, is made softer and more smoothly. Like Dorothy Malone. Spread the lotion from the wadding to make the curls more resistant. When you dry it, separate one side from the top and the hair.

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