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Nutritionists have long known that the typical American diet is low in magnesium, a mineral that’s involved in many metabolic functions. It is important to hair health because it assists the body in using other minerals, particularly calcium. In fact, calcium can’t be metabolized without magnesium. Magnesiumrich foods include chickpeas, beet greens, and turnip greens. You need 280 milligrams of magnesium daily for good health.


Selenium is a trace mineral that works with other nutrients to guard against disease and build immunity. This mineral has become best known as an antioxidant because it preserves the elasticity of the skin.
Selenium is found in the bran of cereals, in tuna, and in such vegetables as broccoli and onions. You need at least 55 micro grams a day of selenium. Excessively high selenium intake (more than 200 micrograms daily) may cause hair loss.

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