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Strip Tease

That’s exactly what teasing is going to do. Strip your hair of all its own natural good looks. First of all, teasing simply isn’t the look to have these days. But what is more important, teasing, or back-combing one more unnatural way to thicken up limp hair is highly injurious in that it can break your hair and break it badly. Curly hair short haircut I feel that most hairdressers today who are worth their titles avoid teasing like the plague.

They know exactly what it can do. And I am relieved that both the cosmetics industry and the hairdressing profession have turned their thoughts to ways of keeping you looking your own natural best rather than dreaming up unnatural looks that will rob you of nature’s own handiwork.

No they all seem to be thinking right on that subject these days. A few years ago, during the beehive boom, it would have been hard to convince even a teenager that swinging-free hair was the kind to have. Curly hair short haircut Ecology has gone a lot farther than saving energy; it’s helping save our looks as well.

But if a hairdresser ever attempts to tease your hair, or if you should ever let your own thoughts drift in that direction, start thinking about what you will do when your hair is broken off to the scalp. It won’t be a pretty hair-picture.

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