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Lewis says, because the positioning as a natural and socially conscious brand is clear and compelling, built around the simple message of a unique ingredient. Josie’s passion and playful approach to her brand’s storytelling are also incredibly appealing. QVC noticed the brand appeal, too. QVC called me they’re always looking for new, hot brands.

But the first time I went to QVC with our lip palette on Earth Day, it didn’t work, Maran recalls. I decided to take a year off QVC but once I realized that argan oil was doing well, I called them back and told them I thought we should go in that direction instead…then I went on QVC and it sold out instantly. It’s been a huge success.

Ellen Lennon, QVC’s director of beauty merchandising, confirmed that the oil, paired with a color stick in a package, has been the top performer for the line.

[Josie Maran] filled a void within our I realized I had a lot to learn and dove in. Trying to make things in a different way hasn’t been easy, but it’s made me work harder. I think I was put here on this planet to help the world see that we can do things in a different, better way.

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