Curled hairstyles medium length hair

Super Hairstyle Tutorial

What you need:

Comb Styling mousse (medium hold) Cushion hairbrush Hairdryer and nozzle Super Sleek is the ultimate it girl look high on drama, sexy yet sweet it shines like a star and can he worn with everything from casual to classic, uptown to downtown. The steps that follow can apply to hair of various lengths; here I have worked with shorter hair. Easy to achieve, this look ticks all the boxes on the style stakes.

“Super sleek means super sexy”’

Start with clean, wet hair that you have squeezed dry with a towel. Comb through to get rid of any tangles. Apply mousse to a brush or comb before applying it to the hair. This will ensure that you get ^ an even application of mousse.

Use a cushion brush and hairdryer to dry the hair. Move the hair around the head, brushing from side to side to achieve gentle root lift.

The cushion brush can also be used to smooth the hair and turn it under.

For that super sleek look you will need to smooth the hair with professional quality straightening irons. Spritz the hair with a heat protective spray and use clips to section the hair as you work on each area. As ‘ always, take care not to go , j over the same area to avoid
heat damage. Finally, use a
shine serum for a glossy polish.

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