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The Natural Way to Color
Herbalists have been touting the beauty-powers of the camomile flower for centuries. According to them, camomile flowers or rather the extract from them make a very good semi-permanent lightening rinse for fair hair. Crewcut hairstyle for men And, they add, dark hair can be brightened by it as well, although not bleached in any way.

Until I read this, I had completely forgotten that it was a matter of childhood routine for my mother to rinse my hair in camomile. Crewcut hairstyle for men Or was it camomile shampoo? It has been a while since I was around three so my memory is a bit foggy there.

And so the other night, when I had brewed my-self a cup of camomile tea (for camomile is good for other things, too; for one thing, it’s a soporific puts you right off to sound sleep), I decided to make more than sleep use of that cup of tea and I dipped that strip of Nitrazine paper into it, and guess what I found?

Acid, which means that no wonder camomile is a perfectly safe and natural way for you to make fair hair more fair. In fact, now that camomile tea can be gotten in tea bags, it seems a pretty simple way to mix up a camomile rinse for yourself. Just remember to brew the rinse in boiling water, but be sure to let it cool down before pouring it over you. No cooked heads of hair, please.
Henna is, of course, another much-recommended form of coloring hair and one that has been around just as long as camomile, if not longer. English nutritionist Charles Perry believes in henna as a “perfectly harmless and beneficial dyestuff.” He does, however, go on to say that only Egyptian or Indian henna is to be used, since Tunisian henna is not henna at all but a toxic metallic compound.

He also warns against “henna” found ready-mixed in bottles as being nonhenna henna, and probably suspect. Crewcut hairstyle for men Some hair salons tout henna, but I have heard some stories that make me wonder, and therefore, before you consider henna, insist upon testing it first.

What do you care if the whole salon thinks you’re crazy? Better be paranoid than bald, I always say. And if you’re thinking henna, think red. That’s the color your hair is going to be, if the henna you’re going to use is the kind you’d want.

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