Corticosteroid cream

The science: For an allergy-related bite, look for a hydrocortisone. It will be available from the pharmacy as a one per cent cream or ointment, Soliman says. A cortisone cream works by decreasing inflammation of the skin. The catch: A hydrocortisone cream can be used twice daily; however, it should not be used for longer than five to seven consecutive days as prolonged use can cause skin irritation, Soliman adds.

Seek medical attention if the bite swelling and discomfort don’t ease after two days of treatment.

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Topical Steroid Cream (Etavone Cream)

... CREAM (15 G.)inflammatory manifestations | Corticosteroid creams

... Cream 0.1% (15 gm.) topical corticosteroid, Triamcinolone, cream, 0.1%

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