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WHAT’S THE GOOD AND BAD OF DOING A REALITY SHOW? The good is that my family and I get together often. There was a period when we were disconnected, but we’ve grown closer since the show. The bad is that some days aren’t great – you feel sad or just want to be alone – but the cameras don’t stop rolling, so you have to put up with it. DO YOU EVER REGRET THE CAMERAS ROLLING? Yes! There are lots of regretful moments, but the last one would have to be when my mom, Carmen, and I were arguing about an itinerary for one of my music videos. She felt I was sidelining her and didn’t include her, so we got into it. I eventually decided to let go of her as my manager too. It wasn’t our intention to show all that, but we both got heated and it just happened. SEASON 2 OF TURNED UP LAUNCHED RECENTLY; HOW DOES IT DIFFER FROM THE FIRST? Everything is different – my mom, sisters and I are more comfortable now. Cool teen boy haircuts There’s more passion too, but we remain authentic. In the first season the storyline was focused on me mostly, but this time around everyone has come into their own and are not under my shadow anymore. With the new season, you also see me take more control of my music career and see a lot of my five-year-old daughter, Violet, too.

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