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What about herbal teas? Surely they’re safer than regular tea.
According to the University of Miami’s Dr. Julia Morton, who has made a comprehensive study of teas, “In turning to ‘herb tea’ … a person . . . may be leaping from the frying pan into the fire, especially since many seem to feel that if a little ‘herb tea* is good, a large quantity will produce the wished-for miracle of sound sleep, renewed health, vigor, and longevity.”
Almost all of the herbal teas seem to have problems. Remember, Dr. Morton’s warnings are based on hypotheses not actual cause-and-effect proof. But I have been impressed with the seriousness of her survey as well as her clinical suspicions. Sassafras, for instance, contains a carcinogen called safrole, which is now banned as a food additive. Shave grass tea like so many other herbal teas sold in health food stores was originally a medicinal tea, not a refreshment beverage. It was used to treat venereal disease. Sheep, cattle, and horses are poisoned by it. Rose hips contain substantial quantities of tannin, as do peppermint, South American maté, Comfrey, Lady’s mantle, and Yellow Dock teas.
Aren’t there any safe teas?

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