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It Wont Come Out in the Wash!

Remember all those old stories about how too much washing could ruin your hair:1 Forget them, just the same way you’ve forgotten all the other myths I’ve exploded as nonsensical. For clean hair is the only kind of hair that can possibly be healthy. And if you’re using the proper kind of shampoo protein filled and acid balanced then you’re actually giving your hair a beauty treatment each and every time you wash.

You’re putting protein back into your hair, which is where you want it. I still see people who tell me that they have bad hair and are therefore afraid to wash it too often. It’s hard to say to someone that the reason their hair is so bad is probably just that. They don’t wash it often enough.

Of late, I’ve been listening to a commercial which advertises a shampoo that can be used every night. That shows that even the world of commerce is getting the natural beauty message. For every night, or every morning, is just about how often your hair should get its protein bath. Just make sure that the shampoo is protein and is acid. That way you’re bound to be helping and most certainly are not hurting. No way.

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