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Now Nicholas, like most of my other beauty-gurus, turned out to be a brusque sort. I don’t know whether I attract that kind or whether, because I can be a tough customer myself, it takes that sort of strength to make me believe.

Perhaps the whole formula for being a successful diet doctor, skin specialist, or trichologist is the “fear” approach to frighten the patient into following instructions. Cool Men’s hair side part For it is true, indeed, that if you don’t follow any given regimen to the letter, you certainly aren’t going to get the results. If you don’t work, it won’t work . . . and there goes that “work ethic” again.

The first thing Nicholas did was jerk (yes, he did) a strand of hair from my head and insert it under his microscope … a contraption that was originally designed to measure the muscle structure of animals but was now set to work to analyze my hair’s protein content (rotten) and its elasticity (lousy). In short, my hair needed a lot of help.

And so my treatment began, and it was to continue for eight weeks at the rate of one treatment per week with Nicholas, plus my own hair homework. Some rapid-fire instructions were issued to an assistant who took me off for a protein shampoo, slathered me with protein conditioner, heated to shorten the soak-in time.

Cool Men’s hair side part Then still another protein shampoo and a dry-by-blower non-“set” by the man who’s responsible for the shape of my hair Roger Thompson, whose formidable title was International Artistic Director at Sassoon, but who is, more important, an old friend from London who has the cool to cope with that hair paranoia of mine. By the end of that session, I looked fantastic! Or at least my hair certainly did. It was swinging beautifully and shining like a jewel. And two days later it was bedraggled again.

On my next week’s visit, you can bet that I complained. Or at the very least demanded some explanations as to why the jewel-look wasn’t lasting longer than two days. For it seemed to me that my hair had looked better on its old regime of creme shampoos and creme rinses and I was questioning whether or not it was better to have pretty, shining but unhealthy hair, or bedraggled getting-healthy hair.

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