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If You Still Want Unnatural Color

If you really insist on tinting your hair, then at least try to do it in the least harmful way possible. There are, thanks to modern-day research powers, products on the market now that are also acid-balanced.

No, they cannot color your hair and keep it acid. I have already explained to you how your hair cuticle must be literally peeled away from its medulla, or center, in order for any color to penetrate.

Frankly, the idea of that alone is enough to make me allow my own hair color to go in any direction it chooses, as long as it remains my own natural color.

But the point is, if I Can’t talk you out of coloring, then at least I can warn you to use products that will get your hair back to acid just as fast as possible.

Talk it over with your hairdresser. I am sure he, or she, is very up on what’s happening right now in the busy world of hair cosmetics; and I am very happy to say that what is happening is happening for the good of your hair.

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