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Now if anyone had told me before that there really were products that really did produce seemingly miraculous results on damaged hair, I would probably have called him a liar. For there’s not a claim to be made that I haven’t already heard in my almost-eight years of reporting on beauty products. Cool hairstyles for grey hair men Most of those claims are taken with more than a grain of doubt.

For here’s where our old friend, advertising, gets into the beauty act, and makes it hard to separate truth from moneymaking fiction. And if it will make money, they will push it and as long as it does no harm . . . well, I have to admit, the “truth in advertising” routine is paying off somewhat, although it seems to zero in on such things as little cigars more than hair healers. Still, possibly that “truth” is yet to come. I promise to do my bit, in any case, to the best of the knowledge I can root out.

At any rate, I placed myself in the competent hands of Nicholas and prepared to keep an open mind on the whole treatment. And the whole treatment is what I got. Now bear in mind that Nicholas was the resident trichologist at Sassoon. Cool hairstyles for grey hair men And also bear in mind that swinging London, back in the 1960s, had discovered swinging hair, while the U.S.A. was still into the teased phase of hairdressing.

And to wear that swinging Sassoon-styled hair, you needed good hair. Therefore, London was filled with trichologists and their hair-knowledge long before Vidal Sassoon opened his salons here and started a new wave (via the non-wave) of hair ecology. Thank goodness it all happened.
It just may have saved a lot of hairs.

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